How to get Windows 10 free with a new method!

Update Windows 10 is charged since Friday, July 29. Yet there is a new method for free after this date! Quickly follow our tip to register your computer on the Microsoft servers and take advantage of the free upgrade (see end of article).

[Update 29/07/2016]: there are more than a few hours to apply this trick! Enjoy fast for free Windows 10 after today. If you read this too late, see end of article.

You should know that once the updated to Windows 10, the computer is registered on Microsoft’s servers as having had the new version of the OS. This allows us to reinstall Windows 10 product key free as much as we want and that’s why we can grab it for free after July 29.

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How to get Windows 10 free after July 29

To get Windows 10 product key free after July 29, you’ll have to “book”. You are on Windows 7 or 8/8.1 but do not want to immediately perform the update Windows 10? Don’t worry: it is possible to go back.

But if you do not apply this trick before the end of the day, you have to pay. We know the system we are puzzled as you. The trick is quite simple, to do the update to Windows 10 then downgrade to your previous version.

How to get Windows 10 free with a new method!

In fact your computer (note that this is indeed your computer and not your Microsoft account) will be recorded as having Windows 10. So, you can reinstall the new OS when you want.

Download the tool to update Windows 10 here and do up-to-date (look at what programs are compatible to not have bad surprises). Once the update is made, it will have to go check that it is enabled.
Go into settings and then update and security > Activation. If you see “Windows is activated”, it’s good, you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the servers to validate the activation.

Then, always in the same place, click recovery and return to Windows 7 or 8/8.1
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Windows 10 will then uninstall itself and you will find yourself with your older version of Windows. But your place is warm, and you can switch back to Windows 10 in a jiffy, whenever you want and above all free. So you can enjoy the big anniversary update news!

[UPDATE 05/08/2016] A new method to take advantage of Windows 10 for free!

Microsoft continues to offer 10 Windows users with assistive technologies. Good news and a good way to help people with disabilities, but this is where the trick comes in! Indeed the High Tech giant does absolutely not check whether or not you actually use technologies to audiences.

Neck to take advantage of the update to windows 10 product key generator for free, simply go to the dedicated page and click ‘upgrade now ‘. The update will start in stride. This little trick added to that that you have given above you will be sure to enjoy Windows 10 whenever you want.

However we have to be quick, because this method is doing around the Web, that Microsoft may decide to react and put an additional check quickly in order to prevent to enjoy. Tell us in the comments if you have tested this method and it worked.

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